Performances of the Vienna English Theatre

Performances of the Vienna English Theatre - tease

Sprachen sind ein wesentlicher Bestandteil des Lehrangebots der HLW Spittal/Drau. Um den Unterricht möglichst abwechslungsreich und spannend zu gestalten, werden regelmäßig englische Theaterstücke besucht. Die zweiten Jahrgänge sahen unlängst das Stück Web of Lies. Für die fünften Jahrgänge stand das Stück Pretty Shrewd am Programm.


Web of Lies

Web of Lies - Plakat

The internet has so many different sides – there is this wonderful opportunity to keep in contact with your friends and exchange whatever kind of information that is ‘so’ important. But on the other side there are also dangers connected with that sort of media. 

“The safer internet days” have taken place at our school, the HLW Spittal. And this topic just fits perfectly into our efforts to make young people aware of all the ‘dark’ sides of the internet.

The performance in the Stadtsaal Spittal on the 17. January 2020 was more or less a wake-up call for all of us, to realize how important it is to be careful and sensitive to all the messages and probably lies shared on the web.


Here are some comments given by students of the 2BHW:

The play “Web of lies” was a very interesting play. It presented the problem of the young girl Lena Dean who wanted to be a singer but here Mum wanted her to be a doctor. 
Because of the fact that she is afraid of telling her mother, she did a casting secretly. The problem of this was, that the guy who did the photo shooting wasn’t really serious. When she realized that this was fake, it was too late. After that she told her mother, everything become Ok again and now Lena knows, that she always can tell her mum.
The actors and actresses played their roles very well and did a great job!
Natalie Höfferer

The theatre performance “Web of Lies” was a great show, because it was diversified.
I liked it very much, especially because of the singing parts. It was like a musical.
The actors and actresses played their roles very well, and they even played several characters. My favourite actor was Lena’s best friend. He looked funny and was very entertaining.
I would recommend it to everyone because it is an exciting but also funny show.
Magdalena Schmölzer

Generally, the show was very interesting and for students it is good for their language. It was quite easy to understand and the actors and actresses had a good pronunciation. The show is good for young people because then they can see how dangerous the internet can be.
My favorite actress was the main character “Lena” because she played the role very well and she was able to put herself in the role well. And her voice was very beautiful. But the other actors were good, too. Lena’s best friend Charlie was also a really cool actor because he helped her in every situation. 
Lisa Noisternig


These are the comments of the 2AHW:

  • I think it was an amazing play. It was very exciting and I would like to see something like that again.
  • It was not boring at all, which I feared at first.
  • I think the play was very cool played. It was very interesting, because it can happen every time.
  • I really enjoyed the play. It was simple to follow and very funny. The actor who played Charli impressed me. He played unique and special but also the others played wonderful. 
  • It was very nice and interesting.
  • It was simple but with a deep storyline.
  • I enjoyed watching the actors play. They played very well and it was very funny.
  • I am not interested in plays. But the play was played by good actors and it was a good story.
  • I think it was a great play and easy to understand.
  • I hope we will see another great play next year.
  • The four actors performed a great play, which I would like to watch again.
  • It was really funny and I enjoyed it.
  • The performance was great and they can act really good and they are all very sympathetic.
  • It was fun to see and easy to understand.
  • I really enjoyed it, the actors played very well. I want to see something like this again.


Pretty Shrewd

Pretty Shrewd - Plakat

Are men and women equal, or is there still a lot of inequality between the two genders in Western Europe in the 21. century?

If we take all the stereotypes linked with this topic and facts such as the gender pay gap or the #metoo movement, we must admit that there is still a lot to do. This and some more points are tackled in this terrific performance. Hopefully, the show can change some old-fashioned opinions still apparent in our generation.


Some comments from students of the HLW Spittal (5AHW):

On the 20th February we attended a great theatre performance from the “Vienna English Theatre”. The name of the play was “Pretty Shrewd” and it was about a girl whose brother didn’t want her to be together with his best friend. I have to say that this was the best performance I have ever seen from these artists. It was very funny, and the actors were great. I can really recommend it.
Stocker Kathrin

At the beginning we want to mention that the performance impressed us very much. The decoration of the stage was quite simple but it was enough to understand the meaning of the story. The actors played very well and spoke a perfect English, which was really easy to understand. The way the actors presented the performance was incredibly funny and exciting. Furthermore, it was interesting because they could play many instruments. All in all, we enjoyed the performance and we would say it was definitely the best performance of all those years.
Maxime, Sandra

On Thursday, 20.02.2020, we got the chance to watch the performance of Vienna’s English Theatre, called “Pretty shrewd”. The stage was very flexible, so the actors could change the situation quite simply. Their pronunciation was very clear and understandable so it was easy to follow the story. The fact that they sang songs and played different instruments helped to open up the atmosphere. All actors made a good show on the stage, but the actor of “Luke” impressed us the most. His facial expression fitted to every situation and you really felt, that he totally loved his role.
Theresa, Johannes 

We got the chance to watch the performance of Vienna´s English Theatre. The play was called “Pretty shrewd”. The actors did their job really well, they impressed us already at the beginning. Every actor felt their role so it was really realistic because their faces expressed the emotions. Additionally, they made it for young people so that was good to understand for us and our generation. It wasn´t like a normal theatre play. Until now this was the best play we have seen from VET. It was easy to understand and we laughed a lot.
Denise, Jaqueline



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